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FREE Roach Liberation Front T-Shirt!!


2008-09-08 03:12:46 by orlandosjoint

Awright, this vid is up a couple days early, but why not?

Watch for a new OJ episode in early October!!

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2008-09-03 08:57:07 by orlandosjoint

Enuf with the delays! New content is coming out, starting Sept 10 when the RLF (Roach Liberation Front) will be posting their manifesto to YouTube. I'll send out the dates when the next OJ episode and other goodies will drop when I post the link to the vid.



New Joints Comin Soon

2008-07-04 17:46:55 by orlandosjoint

Yo, newgrounds -- just a heads up to let folks know that after a looooooong break, some new OJ stuff will be dropping soon.

I'll post again when a vlog from the Roach Liberation Front hits Youtube later this month. After that, watch for some new episodes OJ right here on newgrounds.

Peace! -- Terence

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