Entry #4

FREE Roach Liberation Front T-Shirt!!

2008-09-29 11:19:46 by orlandosjoint

To enter the RLF T-shirt Sweepstakes send an email to rlf@orlandosjoint.com with this info:

Your Name
Mailing Address
Shirt Size
Answer this skill-testing question: What is RLF demand #2?

(And no, I ain't gonna spam your email or your realmail -- I might send you occasional updates about when new OJ stuff drops but that's all you have to worry about).

And watch for the new Orlando's Joint OCTOBER 1. Peace!!

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FREE Roach Liberation Front T-Shirt!!


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2008-09-29 11:53:45

I'm from Peru...can I get a free shirt :D?

orlandosjoint responds:

Why not? The RLF doesn't discriminate. I already have a couple entries from the UK, go for it!


2008-09-29 15:44:14

a new orlando's joint :O

i'm so horny right now.


2009-09-21 10:22:34

hey man your cartoons are hilarious, and I tip my hat to you sir!
(By the By-you know any good chronic hookups in Vegas?)